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All Rights Reserved 2014-08-28T15:10:34+01:00 John Wood SonomaUncorked.com RSS Feed Ragtime Romp at Jack London State Park http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/ragtime-romp-at-jacks-place/ <p>The 5th annual Wine County Ragtime Festival , organized by Bay Area ragtime music aficionados Jim Smith and John Partridge, will feature a special Ragtime Romp at Jack’s Place at Jack London State Historic Park on Saturday October 11.From 11 am to 3 pm, the Park will be transformed into a musical jam session party with ragtime musicians performing all around the Park as families picnic, play games, participate in a period costume contest and enjoy the music...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/ragtime-romp-at-jacks-place/">more</a> 38.3566642 -122.54090020000001 End of Summer ChiliFest at Mounts Family Winery http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/wine-events/end-of-summer-chilifest-at-mounts-family-winery/ <p>Join Mounts Family Winery for a relaxing afternoon on our 140 acre estate in the Dry Creek Valley.  We will be pouring our favorite wines and serving chili with all of the fixin's!<br /><br />RSVP is appreciated!</p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/wine-events/end-of-summer-chilifest-at-mounts-family-winery/">more</a> 38.657683 -122.944307 The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Raven Performing Arts Theater http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/the-best-christmas-pageant-ever-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/ <p>What could go wrong with a simple church Christmas play? Just wait and see!<br /><br />When the Angel of the Lord speaks, people listen! Especially when that angel is Gladys Herdman, the youngest, meanest and bitey-est of the whole terrifying Herdman crew.Hang on for the most outrageous – and funniest – holiday show ever when the Herdmans collide with the Christmas story head on!<br /><br />"One of the best Christmas stories ever – and certainly one of the funniest." ~ The Seattle Times<br /><br /><strong>Show dates:</strong><br />Friday December 5<br />Saturday December 6<br />Sunday December 7<br />Thursday December 11 (value night all seats $15)<br />Friday December 12<br />Saturday December 13<br />Sunday December 14<br />Thursday December 18 (value night all seats $15)<br />Friday December 19<br />Saturday December 20<br />Sunday December 21</p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/the-best-christmas-pageant-ever-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/">more</a> 38.612335 -122.870386 The Game’s Afoot at Raven Performing Arts Theater http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/the-games-afoot-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/ <p>It is December 1936 and Broadway star William Gillette, renowned for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, has invited his fellow cast-members to his Connecticut castle for a weekend of revelry.But when one of the guests is stabbed to death, the festivities in this isolated house of tricks and mirrors quickly turn dangerous...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/the-games-afoot-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/">more</a> 38.612335 -122.870386 Scriptease Play Readings at Raven Performing Arts Theater http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/scriptease-play-readings-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/ <p>The Raven Players will choose three original plays from submissions to their ScripTease New Play Series for free public readings.Come hear the plays and join in the post-reading feedback sessions...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/scriptease-play-readings-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/">more</a> 38.612335 -122.870386 Oleanna at Raven Performing Arts Theater http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/oleanna-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/ <p>A searing examination of sexual politics and political correctness.<br /><br />Carol drops by her professor’s offi ce to gain his help with her classwork.John, the professor, is in the midst of buying a house to celebrate his nomination for tenure...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/oleanna-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/">more</a> 38.6123417 -122.87045649999999 All Star West African Highlife Band at Raven Performing Arts Theater http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/all-star-west-african-highlife-band-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/ <p>Global Partners For Development will bring a little bit of Africa to Sonoma County’s wine country.Dave Stare, founder of Dry Creek Vineyard and President of Global Partners, organized the evening to celebrate and support the unique partnership that has been built between the wine industry and African communities through the Vineyards to Villages (V2V) initiative...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/all-star-west-african-highlife-band-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/">more</a> 38.612335 -122.870386 Lost Dog Found Dance Concert at Raven Performing Arts Theater http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/lost-dog-found-dance-concert-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/ <p>Head to Raven Performing Arts Theater on Sept 12th for a swingin' dance party with one of Sonoma County's favorite bands - Lost Dog Found!<br /><br />Taking the classic sounds of jump blues, Americana, swing, rock, and soul, Lost Dog Found  combines those musical styles into a modern sound that is distinctly their own.It's part Ray Charles, part Bruno Mars, part Brian Setzer Orchestra.....<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/music-events/lost-dog-found-dance-concert-at-raven-performing-arts-theater/">more</a> 38.6123417 -122.87045649999999 Sonoma County Harvest Fair http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/sonoma-county-harvest-fair/ <p>The <strong>Sonoma County Harvest Fair</strong> is the single best wine tasting event in Sonoma Wine Country and is held at the beginning of October annually.The <em>Sonoma County Harvest Fair</em> features artisan food, beer and wine of Sonoma County...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/sonoma-county-harvest-fair/">more</a> 38.432844 -122.702089 Pinot on the River http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/pinot-on-the-river/ <p>Get ready Pinot Noir lovers.This event is for you...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/pinot-on-the-river/">more</a> 38.61072558357945 -122.87007451057434 Laguna Guides Training Program http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/nature-events/laguna-guides-training-program/ <p>Volunteer at the Laguna Environmental Center Train to become a Laguna Guide and help visitors deepen their enthusiasm, appreciation and knowledge of the Laguna de Santa Rosa.Training includes 3 Wednesday evenings and 4 Saturday mornings September 17-October 11, 2014 Have you ever wanted to take part in a unique experience to learn more about the Laguna? Have you ever wanted to share your love of the Laguna with others? Well we have a great opportunity to do both of those...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/nature-events/laguna-guides-training-program/">more</a> 38.4259635 -122.8213824 Cordage-Making Materials and Techniques http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/nature-events/cordage-making-materials-and-techniques/ <p>Saturday September 6, 2014<br />Time: 9:30am-3:30pm<br /><br />Join long-time student of California Indian basketry, Charlie Kennard, to learn about the use of native plants for making cordage.The leaves, bark and roots of many native plants yield fibers that can be used for making string and rope...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/nature-events/cordage-making-materials-and-techniques/">more</a> 38.4259635 -122.8213824 Art Show at Atascadero Creek Tasting Room and Art Gallery http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-show-at-atascadero-creek-tasting-room-and-art-gallery/ <p>Come and see the new art show opening at Atascadero Creek Tasting Room and Art Gallery! The show will feature John F.Martin, fine photography, and James Shay paintings...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-show-at-atascadero-creek-tasting-room-and-art-gallery/">more</a> 38.473612 -122.8907938 Art Is You Petaluma Art Trunk http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/petaluma-art-trunk/ <p>Art Is You features five fabulous days of workshops, special events and Art Trunk in one of the most beautiful towns on the West Coast.<br /><br />Come for one day or five! Every one registered for a daily workshop also receives lunch as part of their workshop fee on the day that they are registered, plus the opportunity to enjoy that day’s special events.<br /><br />The Art Trunk will be a mixed media feast of color, texture, and original art on Saturday September 27th from 6-9pm.Art Trunk features finished art such as collages, assemblages, art quilts, steam punk jewelry and altered art...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/petaluma-art-trunk/">more</a> 38.23057 -122.612852 SVMA Great Places, Great Spaces: House as Canvas http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/svma-great-places-great-spaces-house-as-canvas/ <p>Come celebrate the art of architecture, interior design, and exceptional epicurean entertainment with the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art.This unique event series showcases the architectural masterpieces of the Sonoma Valley that are rarely open to the public...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/svma-great-places-great-spaces-house-as-canvas/">more</a> 38.2909824 -122.4582029 Art on the Ridge http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-on-the-ridge/ <p>Tour the artist community of Bennett Ridge, shop selected art works and enjoy refreshments.This studio tour will include Bennett Ridge artists and feature a broad range of media and styles.</p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-on-the-ridge/">more</a> 38.397149 -122.600409 Art for Life http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-for-life/ <p>What started in 1988 as a grassroots effort among the artist community in response to the AIDS epidemic has become Face to Face’s most important annual fundraiser, raising well over 2 million dollars for people living with HIV and AIDS.Thanks to generous sponsors, 100% of the money raised at the auction will be used to ensure that every man, woman, and child living with HIV in Sonoma County has access to life-changing services and support.</p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-for-life/">more</a> 38.400121 -122.82527099999998 Art Delicious Exhibit in Santa Rosa http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-delicious-exhibit-in-santa-rosa/ <p>Becoming Independent &amp; Studios on A Artists present Art Delicious.Featuring art work by Becoming Independent &amp; Studios on A Artists, who share the building with The Gallery of Sea &amp; Heaven at 312 So...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-delicious-exhibit-in-santa-rosa/">more</a> 38.433696 -122.714657 Give Back Tuesday http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/give-back-tuesday/ <p>Curtain Call Theatre is giving a wonderful fund-raising event called "Give Back Tuesday" at the Rainbow Cattle Company on Main Street in Guerneville.The date is Tuesday Sept...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/give-back-tuesday/">more</a> 38.3437479 -122.685528 Art in the Petaluma Park http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-in-the-petaluma-park/ <p>More than one hundred exhibiting artists will display their work.Donations from sales at this event provide scholarships for local art students...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-in-the-petaluma-park/">more</a> 38.231851237472505 -122.6365613937378