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All Rights Reserved 2014-11-01T09:52:13+01:00 John Wood SonomaUncorked.com RSS Feed Great Sonoma Crab and Wine Fest http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/great-sonoma-crab-and-wine-fest/ <p>Come celebrate local agriculture and educate our future.Join over 1,200 supporters from the Agricultural &amp; Business Community in support of agricultural scholarships, education programs and youth activities...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/great-sonoma-crab-and-wine-fest/">more</a> 38.429245 -122.701153 Sonoma County Crab Feeds http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-food/articles/sonoma-county-crab-feeds/ <p style="TEXT-ALIGN: left">There's nothing quite like a Sonoma County Crab Feed.Crab Feeds in Sonoma have long been a traditional way to fund raise for organizations...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-food/articles/sonoma-county-crab-feeds/">more</a> Chowder Day in Bodega Bay http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/chowder-day-in-bodega-bay/ <p style="text-align: left;">Taste and vote for the best chowders in Bodega Bay at the annual Chowder Day event.  Held on the last Saturday in January, the event features restuarants and competitors from the Bodega Bay area vying for the coveted title.  Tickets go on sale the morning of the event at 10AM.  Ticket booth location is subject to change.  Follow the signs to the ticket location.  $10 gets you a map and ballot which will lead you on a culinary tour of town.</p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/chowder-day-in-bodega-bay/">more</a> The Presentation School Crab Feed http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/the-presentation-school-crab-feed/ <p>The Presentation School will be hosting their annual Crab Feed in the Activity Center at the school. Enjoy an all-you-can-eat crab and pasta dinner.</p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/the-presentation-school-crab-feed/">more</a> 38.2701725 -122.4611905 Dunham PTO Crab Feed http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/dunham-pto-crab-feed/ <p>Come support Dunham Elementary School with a night of crab, auction, and fun! Held at the Hermann Sons Hall.Tickets are limited to 200 people so buy your tickets early, this event will sell out...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/dunham-pto-crab-feed/">more</a> 38.230398 -122.65252800000002 Piner High School Crab Feed Dinner and Dance http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/piner-high-school-booster-crab-feed-dinner-a-dance/ <p>The evening includes a crab feed dinner, music, raffles, auction, and dessert auction.</p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/piner-high-school-booster-crab-feed-dinner-a-dance/">more</a> 38.443469 -122.665817 Kendall Jackson Chardonnay and Crab Fête http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/kendall-jackson-chardonnay-and-crab/ <p>Join Kendall-Jackson as they celebrate the season of the crustacean.Enjoy a feast of all-you-can-eat fresh crab and Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay making this an event you don’t want to miss.<br /><br />Reservation required, limited seating...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/kendall-jackson-chardonnay-and-crab/">more</a> 38.5068622 -122.77293559999998 Bodega Bay Grange Annual Crab Cioppino Feed http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/bodega-bay-grange-annual-crab-cioppino-feed/ <p>Bodega Bay Grange hosts their annual Crab Cioppino Feed on the 3rd Sunday of January. This tradition has been enjoyed by many since first being carried out in 1953.The proceeds fund the Grange’s scholarship program and other operations.<br /><br />This event sells out quickly...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/bodega-bay-grange-annual-crab-cioppino-feed/">more</a> 38.3350408 -123.0479283 Tet Festival Santa Rosa http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/tet-festival-santa-rosa/ <p>Celebrate the Vietnamese New Year at the Tet Festival in Santa Rosa.The Sonoma Vietnamese Association hosts this multicultural celebration that features traditional Vietnamese food and dance at the Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Rosa.</p> <p>The Tet Festival Santa Rosa also includes cultural dances, Vietnamese long dress fashion show, lion dances, SOVA idol contests,  and activities for kids.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/tet-festival-santa-rosa/">more</a> 38.43443 -122.700872 Olive Curing Workshop with Don Landis http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/olive-curing-seminars-with-don-landis/ <p>In many wine producing countries the olive harvest is as important as the grape harvest.Most of the olive harvest becomes olive oil, but cured olives are also a staple...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/olive-curing-seminars-with-don-landis/">more</a> 38.3494156 -122.50166939999997 Petaluma 7-11 Lions Club Crab Feed http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/petaluma-7-11-lions-club-crab-feed/ <p>The Petaluma 7-11 Lions Club will be hosting it's annual Crab Feed at the Veteran's Memorial Building in Petaluma. The meal includes pasta, salad, french bread and of course cracked crab! There will be a lunch seating from noon to 1:30 with no host cocktails at 11:30.Dinner wll be served from 5:30pm to 8:30pm with doors opening for no-host cocktails at 5:30pm...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/petaluma-7-11-lions-club-crab-feed/">more</a> 38.2271564 -122.6242911 Art from the Heart http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/art-from-the/ <p>Art from the Heart is one of the oldest continually held fundraising events in the area.This is a must for novice and seasoned collectors alike...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/art-from-the/">more</a> 38.34223261117694 -122.67520129680634 Art from the Heart http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-from-the-heart/ <p>Art from the Heart is one of the oldest continually held fundraising events in the area.This is a must for novice and seasoned collectors alike. Enjoy an evening of fine art, food, wine, featuring a silent auction with original, modestly priced works of art in all media.<br /><br />You can also enjoy previews of the artwork on the following dates:<br />Wednesday January 28th 11:00am - 8:00pm<br />Thursday January 29th 11:00am - 4:00pm<br />Friday January 30th 11:00am - 8:00pm</p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/art-events/art-from-the-heart/">more</a> 38.34223261117694 -122.67520129680634 Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/russian-river-blues-festival/ <p>The <strong>Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival </strong>is a combination of <strong>Jazz on the River</strong> and the <strong>Russian River Blues Festival</strong>.Jazz is performed on Saturday...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/russian-river-blues-festival/">more</a> 38.500019361132644 -122.997887134552 Wine Country Film Festival http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/wine-country-film-festival/ <p>The <strong>Wine Country Film Festival</strong> offers a terrific way to see movies in a whole new light.This years movies will be held at Deerfield Winery, St Patrick's Episcopal Church, and Dunbar Elementary School. Featuring a wide range of viewing choices including documentaries, animation, and Eco movies.</p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/wine-country-film-festival/">more</a> Chili N Wheels http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/chili-n-wheels/ <p>The annual <strong>Chili N' Wheels</strong> features a chili cook-off and classic car show.Enjoy chili, a beer garden, cars, and lots of fun including arm chair football toss with retired NFL players and family entertainment...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/chili-n-wheels/">more</a> 38.368851 -122.716229 Sebastopol Renaissance Fair http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/sebastopol-renaissance-fair/ <p>Step back in time and visit the family-friendly <strong>Renaissance Faire</strong> in Sebastopol.Make herbal soap while listening to a wandering minstrel...enjoy some ice cold lemonade while watching a storyteller...sit back and take in a short Shakespeare performance while having a scrumptious lunch...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/sebastopol-renaissance-fair/">more</a> 38.399996 -122.826405 Old Grove Festival http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/old-grove-festival/ <p>This is a great opportunity to experience the incredible acoustic space in Armstrong Woods.Magical moments await!</p> <p>The Armstrong Woods Old Grove Festival is a unique experience and is a rare opportunity to listen and enjoy great music in a magical setting...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/old-grove-festival/">more</a> 38.53232173982688 -123.00279021263123 Sonoma Red and White Ball http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/sonoma-red-and-white-ball/ <p>The Sonoma Red &amp; White Ball is one of my favorite events in all of Sonoma County.If you're a local, your going to love it...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/sonoma-red-and-white-ball/">more</a> 38.2919265 -122.4578286 Cloverdale Car and Motorcycle Show http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/cloverdale-car-and-motorcycle-show/ <p>The annual <strong>Cloverdale Car and Motorcycle Show</strong> starts Friday night with a cruise, live music and dancing in the Cloverdale Plaza. Then on Saturday, over 200 classic cars and motorcycles will line the boulvedard.Fun for the whole family: live music and dancing, food booths and vendors, a Kid Zone, Swap Meet, and Chili &amp; Salsa Cookoff.</p>...<a href="http://www.sonomauncorked.com/wine-country-events/annual-events/cloverdale-car-and-motorcycle-show/">more</a>