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Santa Rosa Wineries

Santa Rosa CAShow on map is the largest city and main hub of Sonoma County. In addition to the many superb Santa Rosa Wineries you can find many top notch Santa Rosa Restaurants nearby.

Santa Rosa wineries are spread out over a large area and are located in 3 different wine regions; Russian River ValleyShow on map, Bennett ValleyShow on map and the Sonoma ValleyShow on map AppellationShow on map. Wineries range from large corporate holdings to small mom and pop operations.


Complete Listing of All Wineries in Santa Rosa, CA


Benovia WineryShow on map

Balletto VineyardsShow on map

Battaglini Estate WineryShow on map

Copain Wines

Davis Family VineyardsShow on map

De Loach Vineyards Show on map

Dutton-GoldfieldShow on map

Harvest Moon Estate & Winery (photos)

Hook and Ladder Show on map

Fisher VineyardsShow on map

Kendall-Jackson Wine CenterShow on map

Kokomo Wines

Ledson Winery and VineyardsShow on map

Martin Ray WineryShow on map (photos)

Matanzas Creek WineryShow on map

Nelson Estate VineyardsShow on map

Novy Family WinesShow on map

Paradise Ridge WineryShow on map

Pellegrini Family VineyardsShow on map

Siduri WinesShow on map

St. Francis Winery and VineyardsShow on map (photos)

Sunce Vineyard & Winery (photos)

Tara BellaShow on map

City: Santa Rosa
State: CA

Santa Rosa Wineries Map

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