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Skippy's: The Incredible Edible Egg Store

Petaluma was once considered the Egg Basket of the World, although the days of the hen have long passed. Nevertheless, one can recreate the experience of Petaluma in the olden days at Skippy's, which sells farm fresh eggs from its own hens, alongside butter and gourmet cheese.

Skippy's Incredible Edible Egg Store only sells eggs from Petaluma Egg Farm that are produced and packed right here in Petaluma. Steve Mahrt, a Petaluma native, is the owner and operator of the farm. Skippy's sells all his labels at the store which include the following cage free brands.

Judy's Family Farms Organic Eggs
Judys Family Farms Organic Eggs with Omega-3
Gold Circle DHA Omega-3
Uncle Eddie's Wild Hen Farm
Rock Island Brown Fertile AA Eggs

Since Skippy's process their own eggs, they are allowed to sell the checks from these brands (eggs with small cracks but not leakage) at the Skippy's store location. Skippy's sells brown and white checks for $2.10 a flat (30 eggs, which works out to $.84/dozen. We sell the organics and the omega-3 checks for $3.00 flat.

Skippy's Incredible Edible Egg Store also sell Spices, Milk, Cheese and Butter, Baking Goods, Pasta, and Restaurant Supplies in larger commercial sizes suitable for large families, events and parties at very reasonable prices.

Skippy's sells a variety of cheeses for under $3.00/ pound (e.g., 5 # Monterey Jack, Jalapeno Jack, and Mild cheddar blocks @ $2.22/lb).

They have almost 100 different spices in 1 lb. and 5 lb. containers. Most 1 lb. containers are between $3 and $4 (1# Ground Cinnamon, $2.79, 1# Cajun Seasoning, $3.13/lb., Imported Sea Salt - 26 oz. for $1.73, 1 # Granulated Garlic, $4.01, 1# Table Grind Black Pepper, $4.17).

Here are few other representative items:

1 gallon 4 Monks Red Wine Vinegar, $4.90
Imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $25.71/Gallon

Hours: M - F 8:00am to 4:30pm and Sat. 8:00am to noon
Address: 951 Transport Way
City: Petaluma
State: California
Zip: 94952
Phone number: 707.763.2924

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