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Cotati Farmers Market

The Cotati Farmers Market is located in downtown Cotati in the grassy La Plaza Park, just 10 minutes south of Santa Rosa. Huge trees grace the park and provide dense shade all around. There are many events to attend along with the Cotati Farmers Market every week, live music plus other activities like an old-fashioned ice cream social or chef demonstration. The market features local produce as well as ethnic food and sometimes local crafts.

The Cotati Farmers Market is very laid back and is a great venue to go with your kids. Live music plays in the park and there is plenty of room to play it has a great jungle gym area. Of course there is always a few jumpies for the kids too. Overall a very open, safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

If you are looking for a laid back afternoon lying in the shady grass picnicking, you can’t go wrong with the Cotati Farmers Market.


Dates: Late May - Mid September
Days: Thursdays
Hours: 4:30pm-7:30pm
Address: 15 W. Sierra Avenue
City: Cotati
State: California
Zip: 94926
Phone number: (707) 795-5508