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Sonoma County Video


Sonoma County Video

Sonoma County Video - In Sonoma County, harvest and crush are what many folks around here live for. Picking the fruits of their labor literally and figuratively. The early sequences of this video takes place in Alexander Valley at Trentadue Winery & Vineyards with award winning winemaker Miro Tcholakov. Most of last minute was taken at the Valley of the Moon Winery in Sonoma Valley.
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Sonoma County

Sonoma County is famous for its world-renowned wine and for its food. It’s also known for its rich, scenic diversity, with the mountains and the ocean, the redwoods and the river, the valleys and the vineyards; the many small towns, each with their unique identity. But, for those who have spent time in Sonoma County , they remember it best for its “joie de vive.” What it comes down to is: Yes, it really is that beautiful here. And yes, the food and wine are incredible. And yes, we enjoy it all. And, on top of it all, we enjoy enjoying ourselves. There are few other places in America that put as high a premium on good times and joy and laughter as does Sonoma County. In the same way that New York is known for being rude, Sonoma is known for being fun-loving (with an eccentric twist).

Ahh, the stories I could tell… Here’s one that captures the spirit of the town of Sonoma in Sonoma County CA quite well. You’ve heard of the Napa Wine Train? It’s a rather fancy affair in which visitors tour the Napa Valley by train while eating an expensive meal accompanied by Napa wines. Well, one day, a group of Sonoma County vintners, donned some capes and masks and held-up the train. When the masked-men entered the vehicle, they pulled out their bottles of Sonoma County wine and strode down the aisle, pouring it into the glasses of the somewhat confused tourists. Or what about the time this same group of irreverent pranksters, known as the Wine Patrol, “hijacked” a couple of buses full of European wine writers headed for the Napa Valley, and commandeered the buses to Sonoma.

There’s more. There are stories of roosters in Sonoma and pink flamingos in Santa Rosa . There are annual competitions like the World Championship Grape StompShow on map Contest and the Roshambo Championship. We’re home to a street in which all the neighbors put up, big, colorful comical statues in their front yard. This is the stomping ground of Clo the Cow whose billboards keep us laughing even when we’re on the freeway. And this county is home to a entire culture of people who enjoy good food and good wine and good times. This is where that whole “Wine Country Lifestyle” thing is simply that—a way of life.

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Sonoma County CA Map

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Sonoma County Pictures

Sonoma County - The World Championship Grape Stomp Trophy

Symbolic of the fun care-free attitude of the area

Sonoma County - The World Championship Grape Stomp Trophy Sonoma County - The World Championship Grape Stomp Trophy

Sonoma County Harvest Fair - Grape Stomp Atheletes

Former World Champions Jed Czajkowski and Jack Czajkowski

Sonoma County - The World Championship Grape Stomp Trophy Sonoma County - The World Championship Grape Stomp Trophy

Sonoma County Harvest Fair - Wine Tasting Area

The Premeire Wine Tasting Event of the Year with over 200 wineries participating.

Sonoma County - The World Championship Grape Stomp Trophy Sonoma County - The World Championship Grape Stomp Trophy

Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival - Chefs Josh Silvers and John Ash


The Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Festival

Come and see balloonists from all over the US

Sonoma Farmers market at the Sonoma Depot

Honest to goodness local and organic produce

Gigantic redwoods

Armstrong Woods in Gueneville, California - Sonoma County

Sonoma County - Armstrong Woods

A fallen Redwood dwarfs a young boy playing

Fantastic view of the Sonoma Coast

A paraglider sails off the steep cliffs near Goat Rock Beach

The Cotati Accordion Festival

Renee de la Prade of Culann's Hounds and The Great Morgani exhibit the Accordion Spirit

The sun sets on another Harvest Fair