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Healdsburg CA Video


Healdsburg CA Video

Healdsburg CA is not only a place where three wine regions meet but also is well known for it's high quality restaurants. It's a laid back little town with a sophisticated twist.
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Healdsburg CA

Most of Sonoma County is like cotton: free-flowing yet down-to-earth. But then there’s Healdsburg California. Healdsburg is linen: chic and sophisticated, yet always cool and comfortable. It's stylish without trying too hard.

Healdsburg CA is a pretty little town located in the perfect place. Three of the county’s most important wine-producing regions - the Russian River ValleyShow on map, Dry Creek ValleyShow on map, and the Alexander ValleyShow on map - converge here. So, it wasn’t long before wine-lovers and other well-healed travelers started converging in Healdsburg as well. Soon enough, a supply of world-class restaurants, voguish boutiques, wine tasting rooms, and excellent hotels, spas and B&Bs, came to meet the demand.

Many of these shops and eateries surround the cute and bustling Town Square , which serves as the main social gathering spot. Go sit and relax at the old, iron bench across the street from the ever-popular Downtown Bakery & CreameryShow on map restaurant. This bench has been here since 1899 and has seen generations of daily life play out at this plaza. This is where the young people come to promenade and where the elderly couples come to watch them and reminisce. Moms bring their kids and teens bring their laptops. (It’s a WiFi hotspot.) And at the right time of year, when the oranges are ripe, everyone at the plaza tries to pluck a few of these juicy beauties off the tree. On Tuesday nights during the summer, some of the area’s best bands play at the Plaza for free. And a lively farmer’s market takes place during the same time.

And speaking of a great location…Healdsburg CA is also situated next to the Russian River , which winds its way languidly down to the ocean, offering swimming and kayaking opportunities.
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Healdsburg California Map

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Healdsburg CA Pictures

Healdsburg CA - Dry Creek Valley


Healdsburg CA - Dry Creek Valley Healdsburg CA - Dry Creek Valley

Healdsburg CA - St Paul's Church


Healdsburg CA - Dry Creek Valley

Healdsburg California - Hop Kiln Winery


Healdsburg CA - Dry Creek Valley

Vines in the Dry Creek Valley

Spectacular view of the vineyards

Fine Dining At Dry Creek Kitchen Healdsburg, CA


Celebrity Chef John Ash in Healdsburg CA


Hotel Healdsburg - Healdsburg, CA

Pigs & Pinot Festival goers enjoy the intimate atmosphere of the Hotel Healdsburg lobby

Winemakers of Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma Wine Country

Choose a wine festival to attend and meet them and their wines

Amphora Winery, Healdsburg, California Wine Country

Huge room filled with barrels - plan a tasting trip

A panoramic view of the vines at Passalacqua winery


Alexander Valley sign

This is the entrance to the unique Alexader Valley